http://endpoint/lookup/$(content) – send content as-is from the reader, can include / ? = inject parameters and so on http://endpoint/lookup/$(content!urlencode) – encode URL-specific characters and non-ascii characters http://endpoint/lookup?code=$(content!urlencode)&type=$(type) – encode with base64, add the type as well http://endpoint/lookup?code=$(content!urlencode)&type=$(type)&typecode=$(typecode) – encode with base64, add the type as well, send the raw type code received from the reader

types: barcode symbologies: UPC, EAN, Code128, GS1-128 NFC tag types: iso-14443-a. iso-14443-b, etc. ascii: machine readable text - for example like inside passports unknown: Type was not reported by the reader or could not be recognized (for example with unknown type codes received from the reader)

MQTT config broker topic (templatable) barcodes/ barcodes/\((reader.serial) -- add barcode reader serial number barcodes/\)(reader.model) – add barcode reader morel

other vars: reader.serial reader.model unit.serial - Identify accessory serial number (can be MAC, chip ID or a combination of both)

content (templated) default: { "content": "\((content!jsonencode)", "type": "\)(type)" } { "content": "\((content!jsonencode)", "type": "\)(type)" } — jsonencode encodes JSON-specific syntax characters or \((type)/\)(content)

A barcode reader accessory following the KISS principle. Insert barcode, receive info. supply on and off)

Author: Maciej Grela

Created: 2023-08-23 18:38