Shrack UPS USDD-R 400

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This is a short note on the discontinued Shrack Genio USDD-R 400 UPS (EAN code 9004840378757). This is a tower or rackmount UPS with 4000VA of power that is currently used as backup in my house. It operates with a DC voltage of nominal 108 Vdc which is significantly higher than 12V or 24V in consumer grade UPSes but 10 AGM lead-cell in batteries in series does the trick here. Another nice thing that I found about this UPS (which was missing its internal batteries when I purchased it) was the BATTERY EXTENSION connector on the back.


The BATTERY EXTENSION connector was not easy to recognize on first glance. After a while I stumbled by accident on a matching connector from WIELAND - the GST18I5 Pole Flat Male Connector available from multiple distributors and with the datasheet mirrored.

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Author: Maciej Grela

Created: 2023-08-23 18:39