Luna Drone

This is a description of my attempts at hacking or improving the Luna Drone.

The drone is powered by a 7.4V 2S LiPo 1800 mAh labeled as "FOREVER" with no specific model number. The battery size is 70x35x20 mm with a weight of 94 g. The connectors are JST for discharge and JST-XH for balanced charging using a generic li-ion plug-in charger.

When I got the drone the battery was badly swollen so I needed to order a replacement one. A good candidate was The size is almost identical, the capacity is a bit smaller (1500 mAh vs 1800 mAh in the original one) however I have my doubts whether the original capacity was indeed as high as on the label.

The transmitter is based on a XN297LCU chip from Panchip connected to a RFX2401C chip which looks to be an RF frontend.

I did find some limited information about this chip on baidu ( and

The Android application versions available on for the drone are mirrored below:

Author: Maciej Grela <>